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Emotional Waves I, 117x117 cm, oil on ca

Ofelia Hutul


Djemma Sattar

Gheorghe Lisita, 1982, 'Fortune Teller',

Gheorghe Lisita

1 Blue shore 80 x90  Acrylic on canvas.j

Natalija Miladinovic

About Europe's Art

Europe has been the home of some of the most recognised artists in history.

Founded in 2015, we promote the current generation of talented contemporary artists to the world.

In the last 5 years, we have held art exhibitions and events at prestigious venues including the European Commission, European Parliament, International Peace Institute, European Committee of Regions and the Council of Europe.

We will continually strive to reach new audiences in new markets, and set the bar higher for the new generation of Art lifestyle companies.

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