Europe's Art

Europe has been the home of some of the most recognised artists in history.

Founded in 2015, we promote the current generation of talented contemporary artists to the world.

We believe that an 'online' art company is not the complete solution for today's art market.

In the last 5 years, we have held art exhibitions and events at prestigious venues including the European Commission, European Parliament, International Peace Institute, European Committee of Regions and the Council of Europe.

We will continually strive to reach new audiences and set the bar higher for the new generation of Art lifestyle companies.

We care about education, development and people. 5% of the Gallery’s sales go to charity projects, such as art master classes for children from disadvantaged families and books for children.

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Women in Art for Peace

Europe's Art are proud to sponsor 'Women in Art for Peace'.

The Project raises awareness of the importance of women’s participation in peacebuilding and peacekeeping through a series of art exhibitions and events, designed to encourage female artists to participate in dialogue and exchange to promote peace and security.


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Honorary Members of Europe's Art

Mr Todd Ruppert

Founder and CEO of Ruppert International

Mrs Luminita Drumea

Deputy Secretary General of the National Commission of RM for UNESCO
“I believe in promoting international collaboration through the sharing of culture and artistic heritage.”

Mr Shaban Osman

Founder and CEO of 1958 Project Management and Marketing


Mr Andi Cristea

Member of the European Parliament, European Union
“This century we have witnessed an unprecedented interest in art as a means of interaction and collaboration among people, countries and continents.”

Mr Mihai Ursu

Director of the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History of the Republic of Moldova
“Art expresses a diversity of ethos through an ideational and chromatic universe it brings to the public”