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The Domain Hotel, Manama, Bahrain
Opening 30th January 2018

Opening on 30th January 2018, 6pm, Level 12, The Domain Hotel.

From 1st to 10th February,  Domain Prive, Level 36

Art establishes dialogue and builds connections.

Two renowned artists from different continents and distinct cultures who are connected through art, Unni Askeland and Marwa Al Khalifa met during the recent Women in Art for Peace exhibition at the International Peace Institute in Bahrain.


Unni is a media celebrity in her home country and a 'wild child' of the Norwegian art scene. Her work embraces controversy, challenging conceptions of the contemporary art world.


Marwa is at the centre of the thriving Bahrain art scene. Her work broaching a 'spiritual aura' invites the viewer to meditate and embark on a personal journey.


Developing links between the art scenes in Scandinavia and the Middle East, the exhibition 'Connections' is a further step in the progress of diplomacy through art.


The 'art diplomacy' initiative developed by Europe's Art enables artists and viewers to strengthen relationships through the medium of art. Bridging cultural, religious, political and social divides, art diplomacy opens a positive channel for communication and connection in today's society.


Welcome to Connections!


View the art, discuss it with the artists and audience and most importantly, embrace the possible connections.

Participating Artists
Unni Askeland

Unni Askeland

Marwa Al Khalifa

Marwa Al Khalifa

Photo Galleries:

Exhibition Photo Gallery

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