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Nadia Osi


Nadia Osi lives and works as an artist in London, UK. She was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. From early childhood, she was very fond of drawing. Her passion for the human figure and to details gradually became the future of her profession. 

In 1988, she studied graphic design in the Academy of fine arts at Baghdad University. She moved to London and studied at the American College where she got her B.A in commercial art in 1995. She spent the next 10 years working as a graphic designer and illustrator in several design companies. While working as a graphic designer, she had her illustrations and drawings published in "Al Jameela Magazine” at the Arab press house in London and several other magazines and publishing houses.   

Since 2007, Nadia participated in several art shows, galleries and art projects. Her unique style in painting is sought after by many private art galleries and art collectors. She also does commissions for clients around the Middle East, USA and Europe. She paints in oil, acrylic on canvas and sometimes in watercolour. She finds the painting experience to be a total immersion in a sea of lush paint and colour which hopefully evolves into a pleasurable and meaningful experience for the viewer. 

Her inspiration comes from her hometown in Iraq where it is almost always present in her art especially the heritage and culture, traditions, the old streets and street life, the coffee shops and the people whose lives are reflected in her paintings in addition to the joyous use of colour and detail which characterizes her work.  


2019 - Group exhibition “World Forum for Democracy” at the council of Europe in Strasbourg

2018 - Solo exhibition at Dar Al-Anda gallery, Amman, Jordan

2017 - Group exhibition “Women in Art for Peace” at the council of Europe in Strasbourg 

2017 - Group exhibition “Women in Art for Peace” in Manama-Bahrain

2016 - Solo exhibition at Owais Foundation, Dubai, UAE

 - East Village Art Show, Des Moines, Iowa, USA 

2012 - Michigan Art Fair, Michigan, USA

2011 - Group exhibition at Holy Trinity, Beaverdale, Iowa, USA

2011 - Group exhibition at Royal Gallery, Rhode Island, USA

2009 - Art Store exhibition, Des Moines, Iowa, USA

2008 - East Village Art Show, Des Moines, Iowa, USA

2008 - Exhibit at the Kings Way Inn, Petra, Jordan

2007 -  Group exhibition in Oratory School Art Center in London

2005 - Group exhibition in Uxbridge, London

2004 - Group exhibition at The Central Park, Isleworth, London

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