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Senses - Natalija Miladinovic

Council of Europe, Strasbourg
25.10 to 18.11.2022

Solo exhibition of Serbian Artist Natalija Miladinovic

Opening at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France on 25/10/2022.

Natalija Miladinovic was born in Belgrade 1988. She got her master degree in applied painting on Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade University. For her art she uses various techniques and create in different fields; painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. Painting and photography are the two artistic expressions that are closest to her sensibility where she can express herself the most. Fact that she creates in different art fields tell us that she is an artist with various skillset. In her artwork we can see the struggle between her two sides, practical – realistic and untouchable – irrational. That way she somehow divided fields where she can express each side, throughout her photography we can see clear thinking and planning of every shoot and on the other hand her paintings represent free movement and unconstrained passion. Her paintings are characteristic by free forms where she explores its relationship and how they fulfil a canvas or a paper surface. Color palette that Natalija is using is vivid and she combines colors very thoughtfully. As of 2017 Natalija is a member of the oldest art association in Serbia, Association of Fine Artists of Serbia. She lives and work in Belgrade

Participating Artists
Natalija Miladinovic

Natalija Miladinovic

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