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Rehab Bitar


Education and Artistic Experience

- Member of Arab Fine Arts Union
- Ambassador for peace, Universal peace Federation, New York
- Ambassador of Human Rights
- Head of peace and culture Bridges Organization, California

Group Exhibitions

2017 - Women in Art for Peace, International Peace Institute, Bahrain
2014 - Salon d’automne, Paris
2014 - Colour language exhibiton, Algeria
2014 - Salon d’automne, Paris
2014 - Colour Forum Club, Beirut
2013 - Oyoun al sham, Beirut
2013 - Benall Exhibition of Sharm L Sheikh, Egypt
2013 - AL Haama tunis Exhibition, Tunis
2013 - Meeting Of the Beautiful Mothers, Beirut
2013 - Geser al Lawn exhitbion and forum, Beirut
2013 - Meditation exhibition, Moroco
2011 - Saudi Arabia exhibition, Jeddah
2009 - Artist from Syria, Damascus
2009 - For ghazza children, Damascus
2009 - Women day exhibition, Damascus
2007 - Exhibition, culture directorate, Hamma
2007 - Exhibition,  culture directorate Islamic Cultural Capital, Aleppo
2007 - Al Assad Gallery Exhibition, Aleppo
2007 - Group exhibition in the fine artists gallery at the Dara’a
2007 - Group exhibitions  in Alsha’eb Gallery, Damascus
2007 - Damascus International Fair
2007 - Festival Busra al sham


- W.I.A.D exhibitions, Abu Dhabi
- The first and second annual flowers Exhibtion, Abu Dhabi
- Dubai center for international Arts,Dubai
- The fine arts and Italian Cuisine Exhibition at the forty Grand Hotel, Abu Dhabi
- The Arabic school exhibition,Los Anglos
- Russian Cultural Center Exhibition, Damascus
- Fair,in support of victims of the earthquake in Pakistan
- People of Palestine support Exhibition, Al Sayed Gallery, Damascus
- Lebanese Resistance Support Exhibition, Beit Jabri, Damascus
- Lebanese resistance support exhibition, South Beirut, Lebanon
- The Roman Orthodox Chapel Exhibition, Al Qunaitra

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