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Maria G. Balazova


Maria's artwork is closely connected to glass, its metamorphoses, gradation, and refraction of colourful spectrum. Most of her paintings are made by mixing techniques, mostly painting with acrylic and oils on canvas and wooden sheets. Her favourite technique consists of drawing using oily pastel into the acrylics and adding glass powder, glass or other materials.

Education and Artistic Experience

School of glass making and glass ceramic, division art glass forming, designing and art painting, Lednické Rovne, Slovakia


2016 - Summer Art@The Domain, Bahrain
2015 - NAPUA Gallery Grand Vailea, Waldorf Astoria Resort, USA
2014 - Presidential Palace, Bratislava, Slovakia
2013 - National Bohemian Hall, New York, USA
2013 - Czech-Slovak cultural Club, Miami, USA
2013 - Nova Southern University, Fort Lauderdale, USA
2013 - Presidential Palace, Bratislava, Slovakia
2013 - Audi Exclusive Gallery, Bratislava
2013 - Kempinski hotel High Tatras, Slovakia
2012 - Art in Touch, Embassy of the Slovak republic in Washington D.C., USA
2012 - Benedictine University of Chicago, Chicago, USA
2012 - Tyson Gallery, Washington D.C., USA
2012 - Dragonfly Gallery, permanent exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia
2012 - Slovenska sporiteľňa a.s., Slovakia
2012 - Christmas Lounge SPP, Bratislava



2012 - Awarded Slovak artist who donated to the world’s artistic auction for victims of the Terrorist Act from September 11th 2001 in New York
2002 – Lednicke Rovne, awarded the best talented student

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