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Grigore Sultan


Education and Artistic Experience

Odessa State University, Faculty of Graphic Art

Member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Moldova


2014 - Exhibition at the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
2009 - International exhibition of paintings, sculpture and textiles, Bucharest, Romania
2009 - International Art Symposium, Muszyna, Poland
2009 - International Art Symposium, Hévíz, Hungary
2009 - Creative camp, Tescani, Romania
2009 – The 6th international art exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine
2009 – The 5th international art symposium "KAMART", Bender, Moldova
2008 -Symposium of sculpture in stone, Pinsk, Belarus
2007 - International festival of art "Plai natal", Chisinau, Moldova
2007 – The international camp of sculpture in stone, Chisinau, Moldova
2006 - International symposium of granite sculpture, Moldova
2005 - International Siberian festival of snow sculpture, Novosibirsk, Russia
2004 - International Symposium of inventive arts, Comrat, Moldova
2004 - Symposium of sculpture in stone "Sufletul Pietrei", Soroca Moldova
2003 - International Symposium on sculpture in marble, Mogilev, Belarus
2003 - International Art Fair "Cimislia-2003", Cimislia, Moldova
2002 - International Symposium on sculpture in salt, Slanic, Romania
1999 - Joint exhibition in the Museum of the Fine Arts, Moldova
1966-2005 – Exhibitions "Moldovan Salons"


2010 - Award "The best art worker", Moldova
2009 - "Emeritus" award, Moldova

Art works in public and private collections
2010 - Monument "Per aspera ad astra", Chisinau, Moldova
2009 - Monument devoted to the victims of the WWII, Leuseni, Moldova
2009 - Monument devoted to the victims of the WWII, granite, Vadul lui Voda, Moldova
2004 - Monument in stone, Criuleni, Moldova
2003 - "The crucifixion", oak, Chisinau, Moldova
1997 – Monument in stone "Onisifor and Octavian Ghibu", Orhei, Moldova
1998 - "The crucifixion", oak, Pirjolteni
2001 – Statue of D. Cantemir, stone, Chisinau
2002 - Monumental complex, stone and granite, Chisinau, Moldova

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