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Life at the Seashore

In conversation with Krassimir Savov

Having spent much of his youth exploring the coastal towns and beaches of his home country, Bulgarian artist Krassimir Savov's work overflows with the energy, colours and sites of the sea shore.

The Europe's Art team met recently met with Savov to discuss his inspirations:

Silence | Krassimir Savov | Europe's Art

"I spent my childhood watching the fishing boats in the port, helping the local fishermen carry their catches to the market and helping my father and friends to mend fishing nets. In the summer evenings, my friends and I would sit on the edge of the harbour, our feet splashing in the warm water as we discussed our hopes and visions for the future. Life at the sea shore is ingrained in my spirit and psyche.", Savov explains.

Red Yacht | Krassimir Savov | Europe's Art

Like many established European artists, Savov started his career in art by training as an icon painter. His legacy is visible in many churches and cathedrals across his homeland. "Icon painting provokes so many positive emotions", Savov says."To see how viewers interact with an icon is a great honour and humbling experience for me and all the great artists from European history that have studied icon painting".

Today, Savov explores acrylic painting techniques and mixed media on canvas.

"One of my passions is to collect artifacts, sands, woods from the sea shores that I visited during my childhood and incorporate them into my work. I find that they add an exciting depth to both my work and my complete creative process."

​Savov's work was recently featured at the 'Summer Colours' exhibition at the European Union Committee of Regions in Brussels.

Sea Mood 1 | Krassimir Savov | Europe's Art
White Moon 3 | Krassimir Savov | Europe's Art
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