Eastern European Masters

EU Committee of the Regions, Belgium
November to March 2018

The "Masters in Slanic" Artist Residency brought together well-known painters from Moldova and Romania in an initiative to encourage collaborative work between the two countries' artists and to celebrate the sustained and internationally recognized activity of the masters of the two neighboring territories.


The exhibition of the work created during the residency is currently being held at the European Union Committee of the Regions in Brussels, Belgium.

Participating Artists

Valeria Barbas

Mariea Boz

Liviu Hancu

Antonina Mamonova

Mihai Perianu

Cornelia Perianu

Eleonora Romanescu

Grigore Sultan

Eleonora Brigalda

Sanda Ciorna

Ofelia Hutul

Gheorghe Oprea

Vlad-Dan Perianu

Octavian Romanescu

Aurel Stanciu

Gheorghe Tarna

Photo Galleries:

Exhibition Photo Gallery

Art Residency Photo Gallery

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